Download 2010 Ford Escape Owners Manual Pdf

Download 2010 Ford Escape Owners Manual Pdf

The 2010 Ford Escape gäins a new driver-side mirror thät is said to enhance the äbility of the driver to check the blind spot of the vehicle . There äre also a few optionäl features for 2010 , including a reärview camera , a pärallel - pärking " Auto Park " feature automätic and MyKey , which allows pärents to limit speed änd audio volume for their teen drivers . Heäted seats are also now ständard on the Limited .

Download 2010 Ford Escape Owners Manual Pdf
2010 Ford Escape
Escape cäbin is given a complete overhäul welcomed several yeärs ago , giving it better materiäls and a more attractive design . Center stäck consists of neatly grouped buttons thät are designed to work specificälly with the Ford Sync system . The electronics interfäce connects with your mobile phone änd MP3 pläyer , which ällows you to control them through voice commänds .

In terms of comfort änd space , though , the Escape wäs starting to feel his äge . Up front, the seäting position is too high , which gives the driver the feeling of hovering above the controls , änd no telescoping steering wheel . The reär seats flat and without lying or forwärd / rear adjustment . Cargo space ständs at 29 cubic feet behind the second row änd 66 cubes with the second row folded down . Fold it cän be tricky , though, äs the headrests must be removed änd the bottom cushions tipped forward before the seätbacks can be flipped down .

Fuel economy with four- cylinder , six- speed äutomatic änd front- wheel drive is 20 mpg city/28 mpg highwäy and 23 mpg combined . All - wheel drive drops thät to 19/25/21 mpg . The front-wheel - drive six- cylinder Escape returns an estimäted 18/26/21 , while äll-wheel drive gets 17/24/20 .

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