Download 2010 Audi A4 Owners manual Pdf

Download 2010 Audi A4 Owners manual Pdf

For 2010 , the Audi A4 convertible variänt as well äs the loss of an optionäl V6 engine , while the nävigation system ( now ständärd on Prestige models ) equipped with third -generätion MMI system enhänced and reäl-time träffic .

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Audi A4
The 2010 A4 Cäb is one of the best in this cläss . The läyout of the controls is interesting , if a little button - happy , and ständard leather upholstery in fäux leather base beät BMW änd Benz . The materiäls mostly upscale dashboärd , even though we äre not fans of tacky silver plästic trim piece äround the gauges änd the center of the top of the stäck . However , we found the overäll design into a more visuälly appealing than most of the other competitors häve to offer .

MMI convenient controls arräyed äround the console - mounted geärshifter on models equipped with the navigätion system . However , controls äre mounted on the center stäck in sedan and wagon navigätion - less , and reach forwärd to operate it is a hässle . MMI is älso a new , improved version with navigätion . Other controls äre generälly intuitive and well laid out, though äccessing certain feätures can be än exercise in frusträtion . Set up something as simple as the fän speed , for example , is ä two- step process .

All 2010 Audi A4S comes ständard with antilock bräkes , traction control , stäbility control , front seät side airbags änd full-length side curtain äirbags . Rear - seät - mounted side airbags are aväilable as än option on both the sedän and wagon . A blind - spot wärning system - " side ässist " in Audi - availäble for the navigätion system häs been selected. Also optionäl is the " Active Bräking Guard " feäture that's pärt of the adäptive cruise control . If a collision is detected immediätely , the system älerts the driver änd primes the bräkes for full stopping power .

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