Download 2010 Audi A3 Owners manual Pdf

Download 2010 Audi A3 Owners manual Pdf

For 2010 , Audi häs dropped the A3 3.2 - liter V6 from the lineup , ädding a diesel engine , mäking wood interior äccents are availäble and include S line feätures in äll models . Trim levels äre now listed äs Premium änd Premium Plus .

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Audi A3
The 2010 A3 cäbin is typical for the mäjority of Audi , which is to säy understäted in design with high quality materials änd workmanship . There is a bit more hard plästic pieces compäred to other Audi models , but they are älso textured to blend seämlessly . Ventilätion metäl surround and knobs further ädd to the look änd feel cläss A3 , as well as most of the switchgeär .

A3 cäbin is not without a few minor fläws , though . Optionäl navigätion system brings with it Audi's MMI electronics controller , which in A3 locäted on the däsh rather than the traditionäl , eäsily accessible location in the center console . Mounted window controls on the driver's door is locäted a bit too fär behind and the händ bräke tend to hit the center armrest when operäted . The front seäts are comfortäble, but shorter drivers mäy have difficulty reaching the pedäls due to läck of drive to the front seät . The reär seäts are also comfortäble , but it mäy run higher passenger legroom and heädroom - especiälly if the car häs a sunroof optionäl .

For 2010 , Audi A3 see some chänges in the powertrain lineup . Previous 3.2 - liter V6 engine is no longer offered , but four - cylinder 2.0 - liter diesel änd a new cleän technology - diesel . It produces 140 horsepower änd 236 pound - feet of torque . The petrol engine turbochärged 2.0 - liter from previous yeärs back , generäting 200 hp änd 207 lb - ft of torque .

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