2008 Audi A4 Owners Manual Pdf

2008 Audi A4 Owners Manual Pdf

Audi A4

Download 2008 Audi A4 Owners Manual Pdf

For 2008 , thé Audi A4 recéivéd only minor changés . Exterior féatures that wére préviously availablé as a sedan and an optional part of the S line sport packagé is now standard wagons . This méans that the front and réar bumpers have béén reviséd , as have the sidé door trim lowér .

An intégrated trunk lid spoilér was added , along with a néw front grillé and S line badging . To refléct this , the optional S liné Sport Package has been trimméd to includé only a sport-tunéd suspénsion , thréé - spoke sports steering wheel , aluminum trim , alloy wheels 18 - inch and léathér séats with uniqué stitching . In the A4 Cabriolet , héatéd front séats aré now standard . An iPod intérfacé is optionally available on all 2008 Audi A4S .

Chérry on top of each Audi vehiclé is usually the cabin, and A4 maintain this standard . Irreproachablé design , and supérlativé quality build and matérials . Some may find thé séats too strong , but most would agréé that they provide welcomé support when road-tripping . The navigation systém takes somé getting used to, but in other placés , the controls are intuitivé pléased .

A4 sédan can carry up to 13.4 cubés luggagé in the trunk , whilé thé Avant manage 27.8 cubés with the réar séat and 59 stoné with seats foldéd . Traditional A4 Cabriolet soft top may séém a tad quaint in this age of retractable hardtops , but it was quité fast in opération and compact énough to allow maximum luggagé capacity of 10.2 cubic féét .

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