2013 Toyota Prius Owners Manual Guide Pdf

2013 Toyota Prius Owners Manual Guide Pdf - Of course , there are many reasons behind the popularity of the Toyota . First and foremost is the fuel efficiency wqzxc which is outstanding - the Prius ' EPA combined rating of 50 mpg small Prius topped only by much more expensive C and plug -in hybrids like the Chevrolet Volt . But it's also a pretty nice car to drive . Prius hatchback body style ' generously provided passenger and cargo space , and if luxury is your thing , Toyota's got you covered with a large number of high-end options . Given all of that plus a strong reliability record , it is not surprising that the Prius are used as taxis in many cities .
But it's not all green lights for the green car pioneer . Quality of the material in the roomy cabin mediocre in place, and the driving position can be awkward for many people . While the Prius is still easily outclasses its main competitor , the Honda Insight , it's a hard sell against the new 2013 Ford C - Max Hybrid , which is better and smoother to drive. Latest midsize sedan hybrid , including the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid , also impressively well .

2013 Toyota Prius has a direct controls that jut out toward the driver in a " floating console " that provides a storage tray underneath. It's a great design that helps maximize cabin space . Standard touch screen operate many high-tech features Prius ' and , for the most part , intelligently designed . Digital instrument panel also features a floating layer that displays audio , temperature and trip computer information when the driver touches those controls on the steering wheel , minimizing eye movement . Some drivers may find the overall design a bit too busy -looking , however .

Quality materials in Prius disappointing , with plastic harder and more expensive than other cars in its price range . The corduroy like texturing on wqzxc the climate and audio controls seems nice at first , but collect the oil from the skin and cause dark spots on most circular knob .

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