2014 Ford F-350 Owners Manual Guide Pdf

2014 Ford F-350 Owners Manual Guide Pdf - Large , in charge and not too subtle , F - 350 exterior styling reveals a lot of what you need to know about this truck wqzxc especially the hood locomotives - like and grille , which implies great power that lurks beneath .
2014 Ford F-350 Owners Manual Guide Pdf
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V8 gasoline engine standard 6.2 - liter that produces 385 horsepower and 405 lb - ft of torque , but most buyers opt for a V8 turbodiesel 6.7 - liter that offers 400 horsepower and 800 lb - ft of torque moves the earth . Both engines shifted via a six-speed automatic transmission .

When properly equipped , the F - 350 has a maximum payload capacity of 4930 pounds . Checks conventional towing capacity of 14,000 lbs , while adding a fifth wheel increase that figure to £ 16,700

Choose to setup a dual - rear wheels will increase the numbers across the board . Max payload jump to £ 6,520 , while standard jump and fifth wheel towing to 18,500 and £ 22,600 respectively .

F - 350 is available in Regular Cab , Extended Cab and Crew Cab bodystyles . The Regular Cab has two doors and a singe row seating , extended Cab adding a small second-row seating and Crew Cab has four doors and a rear cabin area expanded . They can be equipped with a bed at 6.75 or 8 - foot .

Model rear - wheel - drive front suspension uses twin I-beam , while the four variants - utilizing wheel - drive front axle life . Both feature live rear axle with leaf springs at all four corners . The suspension setup plays a major role in the strong payload F - 350 and towing ratings , although the tradeoff comes in the form of restless ride without a load in the bed . The same , of course , can be said for most other equally sized and equally capable pickup . Predictable handling for the most part , though the rudder alone means it can be tough to put a big truck inaccurate at times .

F - 350 also can be spec'd with MyFord Touch , infotainment systems built on the SYNC by allowing users to control everything from navigation to climate controls to the sound wqzxc system with voice commands . MyFord Touch also has a center - mounted an eight -inch touchscreen , dual 4.2 -inch display in the instrument cluster and the touch-sensitive controls on the center stack . For use in the F - 350 , Ford modified the system to better accommodate the needs of pickup users - changes including more redundant buttons for the audio and climate controls that can be used with work gloves on .

Download 2014 Ford F-350 Owners Manual Guide Pdf

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