House Maintenance Guide Pdf

House Maintenance Guide Pdf - If you have an outdoor unit A / C and furnace room there are two pipes you want to clean, wqzxc one indoor and one out. Outdoor can be cleaned using a wet-dry shop-vaccine. Simply attach to the end of the hose vaccine and turn suck and expel all dirt and buildup. One room can be cleaned with hot water. Simply locate the tube, and flush with hot water to remove the mud.
House Maintenance Guide Pdf
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The hot water heater is subject to the buildup of minerals in the water. wqzxc You can extend the life of the unit and prevent future problems by draining them and rinsing every deposit. This how-to video from This Old House will get you on your way.

Yup, those big metal springs hanging right above the garage door need annual lubrication. wqzxc There is a lot of tension and stress from the weight of the door pull and extreme weather conditions can weaken the metal, causing the spring to finally burst. The oil springs, along with metal hinges and rollers (not nylon) with a non-silicon-based lubricant to keep the problem at bay.

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