2013 Kia Sorento Owners Manual Pdf

2013 Kia Sorento Owners Manual Pdf - Finally KIA Mobil Indonesia (KMI) officially launched its new 7 passenger SUV all-new Sorento to consumers in Indonesia. Sorento is sold at a price of USD 378 million for the Greater Jakarta area.
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With the all-new Sorento prices is aimed at professionals, employers who need high mobility vehicle as comfortable sedan.

With his typical SUV Sorento is equipped with various features provided for passenger comfort while driving.

"All New Sorento is the official diuncurkan the best price of Rp 378 million on the road in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Henceforth Sorento can be ordered throughout the network KIA in Indonesia," said Marketing Director of PT KIA Mobil Indonesia Hartanto Sukmono the sidelines of the launch of the Sorento in Jakarta, Tuesday (09/04/2013).

Furthermore, the Sorento is equipped with petrol engines 2.4 liter DOHC Theta II Dual CVVT, DLI (distributor less ignition) and VIS (variable induction system) provides maximum engine performance for use in the city and is used for long trips.

With the engine power produced by 176 ps at 6:00 rpm and maximum torque of 23.1 kg.m at 3750 rpm. The use of the machine combined with a 6-speed manumatic transmission that will deliver maximum performance berkendata yet fuel efficient.

For the exterior, the Sorento is more sporty and modern look increasingly visible on the front grille of the concept tiger nose. The combination of the front and back are very proportionate made more dynamic all-new Sorento.

All New Sorento also comes with sporty meter cluster equipped with MID (Multi Information Display) gives the impression of a modern and informative.

So the driver can see the information distance traveled, average speed, distance to existing fuel, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption per 100 km, the outside air temperature is presented in a modern instrument that can help drivers drive more efficient.

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