2010 Suzuki Swift Owners Manual Pdf

2010 Suzuki Swift Owners Manual Pdf - Suzuki Motor Corp (SMC) announced the recall (recall) 109 thousand units stump sedan (hatchback) Swift made ​​an outstanding 2010 and 2012 throughout the world. The car is also assembled by partner Suzuki in India, Maruti Suzuki, was withdrawn because of a potential fuel leak that could cause a fire.
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Of the hundreds of thousands of cars in the recall that, 55,146 of which are sold in Japan. The rest, as many as 53,801 units, circulating in Australia, Mexico, and Europe. SMC Management Japan says the problem is caused by damage to the fuel line and fuel tank seal.

"The destruction of the two components could cause a fuel leak," Suzuki said in a statement as quoted from the New York Daily News, Wednesday, May 9, 2012.

Until now there are 4 cases of leaks that occurred in Japan. But this problem did not cause casualties. To solve this problem SMC said it would instruct manufacturers and dealers in every state to make improvements.

That was not the first time happened to Suzuki Swift. March 2012, 93 thousand units of this small sedan in the recall due to the charging station. Of the total units were withdrawn, 45 thousand of which circulated in Japan.

Meanwhile, Maruti Suzuki India said the issue did not affect their production of Swift hatchback. Maruti Swift produces a new version with a different platform.

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